Slaton Area Endowment to Award $7,000 in Community Grants

Regional Affiliate of the Community Foundation of West Texas

Slaton Area Endowment to Award $7,000 in Community Grants

October 4, 2018 News Press Release 0

Contact: Cleve Kirby, Affiliate Chair

The Slaton Area Endowment, an affiliate of the Community Foundation of West Texas, was created in 2013 to give the people of Slaton the opportunity to build a pool of permanent resources exclusively for the benefit of their community.

The Slaton Area Endowment (SAE) was created by and for the people of this area, and is an affiliate of the Community Foundation of West Texas.  Today the endowment has over $357,000 and supports funds for 10 designated organizations. To date, the endowment has given 58 grants totaling $73,602 to area non-profits. Each year, as the endowment grows, the group is able to give back even more to the community.  This year alone the Slaton Area Endowment will add to those numbers as they will give $7,000 in grants supporting worthy organizations and causes in the area.

Due to generous endowments and donations, the SAE now has over $357,000 in our fund balance, 10 designated funds, and is pleased to award $7,000 during this grant cycle.

The Slaton Area Endowment is proud to announce the 2018 grant recipients:

City of Slaton Emergency Services – Santa Red & Blue
Llano Estacado Silver Star Board – Slaton Area Seniors
Lubbock County Precinct 2 – Veterans Memorial
Mercy Manna – Food for the Needy
Slaton Railroad Heritage Association – Historic Caboose Interior Restoration
Slaton Senior Citizens Center – Consumable Help
Slaton Legacy Organization – Legacy Courtyard North Fence
Slaton Chamber of Commerce – Stage Addition
Weekend Snack Sack Program – Weekend Snack Sack Progra

When:  Friday, September 28, 2018 during halftime of 7:30 p.m. Varsity football game

Slaton vs Post as Slaton High Celebrates 100 Years of Football!

Where:  Tigers Stadium, halftime of game

If you would like to learn more about the Slaton Area Endowment, how to get involved, donate, or apply for a 2019 grant, please visit

Slaton Area Endowment
PO Box 91
Slaton, TX 79364

Members of the Slaton Area Endowment Advisory Board are:
Cleve Kerby, Chair
Richard Edwards, Advisor
Jonathan Bloxom
Kevin Buxkemper
David Ehler
Dubbin Englund
Billy Gonzales
David Gossett
Roger Kitten
Mark Meurer
Claricia Osuna
Wayne Schilling
Lynette Swanner
Shirley Tucker
Martha Turney
Sherrell Wilson
Ann Marie Wright

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